Managing Up

What is Managing Up?

  • The proactive strategy of working effectively with superiors to achieve mutual goals.
  • It involves understanding and anticipating a manager’s needs and making oneself an invaluable team member.
  • It often refers to an employee’s ability to use various skills to form a partnership with their managers to accomplish goals more effectively.
  • Refers to the dynamic, two-way street of achieving organizational goals – instead of managers always identifying and directing their teams, managing up is the idea that it is also the employees responsibility to identify problems and solutions.

Why is it Important?

  • Enhances Career Prospects: Demonstrates your initiative, foresight, and commitment to organizational goals.
  • Improves Communication: Establishes a clear, open line of communication between you and your superiors.
  • Increases Collaboration and Teamwork: Instead of power dynamics, managing up leverages professional relationships around a unified goal.
  • Boosts Job Satisfaction: Through increased communication and clarity, problems can be avoided that may cause stress.

How to Excel at Managing Up?

  • Understand Your Manager’s Goals: Align your work to support these goals effectively.
  • Communicate Proactively: Share updates, challenges, and solutions without waiting for prompting.
  • Show Initiative: Take on responsibilities that relieve your manager’s burden and contribute to the team’s success.
a team all holding different cogs together showing teamwork to display managing up

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