Social Coaching

Developing Social Skills to Have Meaningful Connections

What is Social Coaching?

It’s a personalized journey to master social skills in the dynamic college environment. Our program helps students:

  • Define and achieve social goals
  • Overcome social challenges
  • Develop confidence and communication skills
  • Leverage social opportunities in college

When Social Coaching Can Make a Difference:

Social Coaching is ideal if you’re facing:

  • Difficulty making/keeping friends
  • Disinterest in social activities
  • Challenges in communication
  • Social anxiety or dissatisfaction

Benefits Include:

  • Increased confidence in social settings
  • Healthier relationships
  • Greater social satisfaction
  • Deeper, meaningful connections

Who Are The Coaches:

Our diverse team understands the challenges students face today. We match you with a coach who can meet your specific needs, ensuring flexibility to fit into your busy student life.

Interested in learning more?

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