Social Coaching

Developing Social Skills to Have Meaningful Connections

What is Social Coaching?

Social Coaching is a personalized journey designed to help students master essential social skills in various environments. Our comprehensive coaching assists students in:

  • Defining and achieving their social goals
  • Overcoming social challenges and barriers
  • Developing confidence and effective communication skills
  • Leveraging social opportunities in academic and personal settings

Social Coaching helps individuals understand their social strengths and weaknesses, and works towards enhancing their ability to navigate social situations with ease and confidence. Our tailored approach ensures that each student receives the specific guidance they need to thrive socially.

When Social Coaching Can Make a Difference:

Social Coaching is ideal if you ever find yourself struggling with:

  • Making Friends: Difficulty initiating or maintaining friendships
  • Participating in Social Activities: Disinterest or discomfort in engaging in social events
  • Knowing What to Say: Challenges in initiating conversations or keeping them going
  • Being Upset with Your Social Life: Dissatisfaction or frustration with your current social interactions
  • Maintaining Relationships: Struggling to sustain friendships or romantic relationships
  • Social Anxiety: Feeling anxious or nervous in social situations
  • Communicating with Others: Difficulty expressing yourself or understanding others
  • Creating Boundaries: Challenges in setting or respecting personal boundaries
  • Setting Social Goals: Difficulty defining and achieving social objectives
  • Reading Social/Facial Cues: Trouble interpreting non-verbal signals
  • Initiating and Maintaining Conversations: Struggles with starting or continuing conversations
  • Talking with People Who Don’t Share Your Interests: Finding common ground in diverse social interactions

Benefits of Social Coaching:

  • Increased Confidence in Social Settings: Gain the assurance needed to engage comfortably in various social scenarios.
  • Healthier Relationships: Develop the skills necessary for maintaining and nurturing friendships and romantic relationships.
  • Greater Social Satisfaction: Find joy and fulfillment in your social life.
  • Deeper, Meaningful Connections: Build authentic and lasting relationships.
  • Social Empowerment: Feel more in control of your social interactions and goals.

Our social coaching not only helps improve immediate social interactions but also fosters long-term social development and satisfaction. By working on these skills, students can experience a significant improvement in their overall social well-being and quality of life.

Who Are The Coaches:

Our coaches are seasoned professionals who bring a wide variety of life experiences to the table. Coaches have unique specialized training, educational backgrounds, and specific skill areas of expertise. We take special care in matching clients with the ideal coach who can meet those specific needs. This includes coaches who understand many learning differences and mental health challenges.

Our coaches are flexible and are happy to work around a student’s busy schedule, ensuring that coaching sessions are convenient and effective.

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