Parent Coaching

Empowering parents to raise confident and capable children

Parents have to juggle between supporting their kids emotionally and supporting their growth developmentally, and it is no easy task to do both.

What is Parent Coaching?

  • Parent coaching helps parents balance the act of helping (or doing for) their children and letting go to allow them to develop independence
  • Through parent coaching, parent’s gain understanding of their children’s brains, and how they can support it’s development
  • Parents work with coaches to develop personalized goals and strategies that focus on healthy parent-child relationships

Is Parent Coaching right for me?

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Arguing over homework
  • Parents acting as your child’s personal assistant
  • Not understanding how your child learns or problem solves
  • Constantly discussing schoolwork
  • A looming fear of failure
  • Lack of boundaries
  • Resistance to outside help
  • No clear goals or follow through

...Then our parent coaching services may be a good fit!

Benefits of Parent Coaching include:

  • Increased independence and decreased codependency
  • Healthier parent/child relationships
  • Greater understanding of your children’s learning styles and behaviors
  • Self-confidence in your own parenting
  • Learning to regulate emotions and develop a sense of calm during stressful situations
  • Improved communication and accountability

Who are the coaches?

  • Seasoned professionals who bring a wide variety of life and coaching experience to the table.
  • Coaches have unique and specialized training, educational backgrounds, and a variety of specific skill areas of expertise
  • Parents come to us with unique needs and goals. We put special care in matching clients with the ideal coach who can meet those specific needs
  • Coaches are flexible and are happy to work around a client’s busy schedule

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