Growth Through Leadership Course

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Unlock the leader within and navigate the path to success with precision and integrity. Starting at $210 per course hour, this student leadership course is your gateway to mastering the complexities of effective leadership.

Discover Your Leadership Style

Begin your journey with a deep dive into the essentials of leadership. Learn about different leadership styles and how to manage diverse groups effectively. This course is designed to help you understand the nuances of team dynamics and enhance your ability to lead with confidence and adaptability.

Enhance Communication and Team Cohesion

Through our tailored curriculum, you’ll develop the skills to recognize and adapt to various communication styles. Improve your managerial capabilities and boost your team’s productivity and cohesion. Each lesson is crafted to bring you closer to becoming the leader that every team would follow.

Reflect, Grow, and Excel

Engage in self-assessment exercises that illuminate your personal strengths and pinpoint areas for growth. This course offers a unique opportunity to leverage your individual qualities and forge robust strategies to overcome challenges. Propel yourself toward your long-term leadership goals with clarity and determination.

Lead with Integrity

Our program doesn’t just teach you how to succeed—it ensures you do it with integrity. Immerse yourself in critical lessons about ethics and empathy. Learn to uphold the highest standards of integrity and understand the perspectives of others as you climb the ladder of success.


Classes are open to the public and anyone will benefit from working on these skills. Classes can be broken down to 15 minute increments based on the individual.

$ 210 00
Per Hour
  • $260.00 Per Hour for In-Person

**There is a 3% processing fee for using Credit Cards**

**In-home classes are subject to an additional fee of $50 per hour**

Why Choose New Frontiers

New Frontiers – Growth Through Leadership Course combines practical leadership skills with ethical considerations and self-improvement, making it an unparalleled investment in your future. Whether you aspire to lead small teams or large organizations, this course prepares you to handle leadership roles with assurance and moral clarity.