ADHD Iceberg

What is the ADHD Iceberg?

  • The ADHD Iceberg symbolizes the visible and invisible symptoms of ADHD. The visible part above the water includes symptoms like impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity, easily recognizable by others. The larger, submerged part represents the less apparent, internal struggles such as emotional dysregulation, executive dysfunction, and time blindness that individuals with ADHD face​​​​.

Why is it important to understand it?

  • Understanding the ADHD Iceberg is crucial for acknowledging the full spectrum of challenges individuals with ADHD endure. It promotes empathy, reduces stigma, and helps in recognizing that behaviors stemming from ADHD are not simply a matter of willpower but are linked to deeper neurological underpinnings​​.

Can understanding the ADHD Iceberg change how educators and employers support individuals with ADHD?

  • Yes! Understanding helps promote empathy and patience in academic and workplace accommodations. It also leads to the implementation of support mechanisms that acknowledge invisible challenges.

How does the ADHD Iceberg impact personal relationships?

  • The ADHD Iceberg can significantly impact personal relationships. It emphasizes the importance of understanding ADHD’s comprehensive challenges, not just the observable symptoms. To navigate the complexities ADHD introduces into relationships, it’s crucial to practice patience, communicate effectively, and seek external support like couples therapy when needed. Recognizing that ADHD also brings positive qualities to a relationship is vital. For more detailed insights, exploring community support options and considering professional advice is recommended​​.

How can coaching help those with ADHD?

  • Coaching, especially ADHD coaching, can provide personalized strategies to manage both visible and invisible symptoms. It can help individuals develop organizational skills, improve time management, navigate emotional challenges, and leverage their strengths to mitigate the impact of ADHD on daily functioning. Coaching also fosters self-awareness and self-compassion, crucial for dealing with ADHD’s internal struggles​​.
ADHD Iceberg

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