Executive Function Coaching

Coaches who understand goal setting, problem solving, and accountability

Executive function skills are a set of processes that manage, control, and regulate other cognitive processes, and include skills like inhibition, planning, organization, and working memory. Coaching consists of teaching executive function skills explicitly with the goal of guiding clients in applying these skills to the tasks necessary to accomplish their goals. We apply authentic learning experiences to assist in the generalization of new skills to one’s everyday life. Our goal is to help people identify challenges in their lives, develop the skills necessary to overcome those challenges, ensure the skills and strategies are used in the right contexts, and pull back supports to allow clients to manage obstacles independently.

How does it work?

We begin with a consultation where we develop a coaching plan that is specific to the individual. Each plan includes clients’:
Through the coaching process, the Coaching Plan becomes a living document, evolving with the client’s growth, transitions, and changing circumstances.

Is Executive Function Coaching Right for Me?

If you ever find yourself struggling with:

…Then our coaching services may be for you

Benefits of Executive Function Coaching include:

We promote positivity and motivation to help individuals reach their full potential. The skills taught in the coaching model reflect a level of mastery that can be generalized across the different aspects of the individual’s life. Our coaching is used to develop a solution-oriented mindset that confronts problems instead of avoiding them. Our biggest goal is to help clients find systems and strategies that not only work for them but also will be used once we are gone. 

Who are the coaches?

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