Accountability Coaching

What is Accountability Coaching?

  • Being accountable to your own goals and changes is not easy, so accountability coaches help “outsource” accountability to help you achieve the change you want to see
  • Focus is on ensuring you follow through with things you say you are going to do
  • Help is provided to problem solve so you can follow through
  • Feedback and assistance in adjusting strategies help you not give up on yourself
  • Reflection and performance tracking help with being accountable to the best strategies, behaviors, and habits

Why is it hard to be accountable independently?

  • Lack of External Motivation: Without someone else to hold you accountable, it can be easy to lose motivation, especially when facing challenges or setbacks.
  • Procrastination: Without accountability, it’s easier to put off tasks that are difficult or less enjoyable.
  • Difficulty Setting Objectives: It can be challenging to set clear, achievable goals without external input and guidance.
  • Lack of Feedback: Without someone to provide feedback, it can be hard to recognize when adjustments need to be made to your strategies or approach.
  • Isolation: Working towards goals alone can sometimes feel isolating, which can impact motivation and persistence.
  • Bias and Blind Spots: It’s often harder to recognize our own weaknesses or areas for improvement. An external perspective can help identify these blind spots.
  • Lack of Structure: Without a structured plan or routine, it can be easy to lose focus or get off track.

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