What is Executive Functioning Coaching?
Executive functioning skills are a set of processes that manage, control, and regulate one’s other cognitive processes, and include such skills as inhibition, planning, organization, and working memory. In the next section, we’ll explain our approach to executive functioning coaching.

Our Approach

We help students use their own assignments and responsibilities to build competence for survival in today’s world. Executive functioning coaching focuses on skills such as organization, planning, prioritizing, self-monitoring, goal setting, and time management. We use one-on-one, individualized coaching sessions, which can range from 1 to 5 hours per week. The students follow a set schedule developed between the student and their coach. Students have the option of utilizing our Westchester office for their sessions, and support is also provided on campus when students cannot commute to our office. Virtual executive function coaching sessions are also available when the student is unable to meet in person. Our goal for students is to “teach them to fish”, so that they can eventually learn to handle the challenges of life on their own. We’re a success when the student no longer needs us.

Executive Functioning Coaching Sessions Include:

  • Setting up weekly schedules that are infused with coaching session times, class location and time, study time, and recreational and social activities.
  • Assisting students with creating systems for organizing class content and course expectations
  • Creating systems with students to confirm progress in each course.
  • Assisting students in advocating for appropriate accommodations and making sure accommodations are in place in all courses.
  • Helping students communicate with note-takers, ensuring all pertinent information is included in all notes (i.e. announcements, date changes, assignments, etc.).
  • Helping students organize their work and making sure they have everything they need for each course. Teaching students how to break down large, complex assignments into smaller and more manageable tasks.

Who We Are

We are New Frontiers in Learning, an organization founded on the mission to provide the highest quality education, support services, and executive functioning coaching to young adults who learn differently.

Who We Work With

NFIL works with a broad range of students, ranging in age and ability level but sharing a common theme—a desire for independence, and a recognition that self-advocacy and executive functioning skills are at the root of their potential success.