Transition to Adulthood

New Frontiers provides the support and skill development to support individuals with the transition to adulthood from high school or college. Some individuals struggle with a “failure to launch,” or an inability to leave home and support themselves. We help design customized programs for each individual.


New Frontiers leans into and emphasizes the importance of executive functions (a set of cognitive processes that enable individuals to effectively manage themselves), communication, growth mindsets, and critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
Everything we do is individualized to maximize benefit, and our Transition to Adulthood supports are no different. Every single offering is tailored to the individual.


Although separated, all of our coaching blends together the different focus areas if needed by the client. Give us a call to learn what your supports may look like!

Life Coaching

Life Coaching focuses on helping individuals know and master what needs to happen to manage your own life.

Career Exploration

Figuring out what you want to do isn't easy, and it's often one of the more challenging aspects of becoming an adult. Our Career Exploration coaching can help you find your path!

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Enrichment Courses

We offer a suite of enrichment courses to help you learn the skills necessary to be a successful adult. Check out our different offerings!

Social Communication Coaching

Social Communication coaching focuses on engaging and communicating with others. This can be for personal enjoyment, in work, or in other day to day settings.

Career Coaching

Career coaching focuses on helping you maintain and excel in your job. Not only is a focus on what happens in your job, but how you balance that with your personal life as well.