College Readiness Experience

Jumpstart Your College Success with Our Virtual College Readiness Program

Master everything from academic skills to social integration in our interactive virtual sessions.

What is the College Readiness Experience?

Embarking on your college journey involves navigating a host of new experiences and challenges. Our Virtual College Readiness Program serves as an essential crash course, offering students a broad overview of what to expect as they transition into college life. This program is designed to help participants explore various aspects of college, from understanding academic expectations and discovering campus resources to adapting to new social environments. Our approach is about opening doors to knowledge and preparation, providing students with a foundational understanding of the significant changes and opportunities that await them in higher education. Through engaging activities and discussions, we aim to equip students with the insights and practical strategies needed to confidently tackle these new challenges.

Content We Cover

Program Overview and Social Integration

  • Introduction Session: Get to know other participants and start building a community.
  • Getting Involved on Campus: Learn how to balance wants and needs while making time for social activities and campus involvement.

Academic and Study Skills

  • Syllabus Analysis: Understand how to interpret syllabi to manage academic responsibilities effectively.
  • Note-Taking Strategies: Explore various methods including the Cornell Method, mapping, and charting.
  • Research and Writing Skills: Break down the research paper process and explore different presentation types.
  • Study Schedule Creation: Develop personalized study plans that fit your learning style and coursework.

Executive Functioning and Organization

  • Goals Setting with SMART Goals: Set achievable and relevant goals for your academic and personal life.
  • Time Management: Identify tools and strategies for effective time management that cater to fixed and flexible commitments.
  • Calendar Setup and Task Planning: Learn how to prioritize tasks and plan your time efficiently.

Self-Advocacy and Resource Utilization

  • Self-Advocacy for Accommodations: Develop the skills to advocate for your needs and utilize office hours and other resources.
  • Understanding Campus Resources: Discover and navigate the resources available on your future college campus.

Personal Development and Wellbeing

  • Stress Management and Test Anxiety: Gain techniques to manage stress and perform well under pressure.
  • Conflict Resolution and Group Work: Enhance your interpersonal skills for effective group participation and conflict management.

Program Details

Meeting Times: Monday through Friday, for 2 weeks. Specific times TBD based on group availability. 

Session Information:

  • Session 1: July 15th – July 26th
  • Price: $1,875.00

Is the College Readiness Experience Right for You?

The transition to college is an exciting but often daunting step. Our Virtual College Readiness Program is meticulously designed for students who are preparing for this significant change and might feel overwhelmed by the complexities it entails. This program is ideal if you:

  • Seek to Enhance Independent Living Skills: If you’re moving away from home for the first time and need to manage your daily schedule, meals, or budget by yourself, this program offers essential life skills training to ensure you thrive independently.

  • Require Academic Preparation: For students who want to improve their study habits, research skills, and academic writing, our curriculum provides the tools and techniques to excel in a rigorous academic environment.

  • Need to Develop Executive Functioning Skills: If organizing, planning, and following through on tasks are challenges for you, our focused sessions on executive functioning will help you build competence and confidence in managing your responsibilities effectively.

  • Are Looking to Build Confidence in Social and Campus Life: Whether you need help with networking, making new friends, or participating actively in class discussions and group projects, our program emphasizes communication and social skills critical for engaging successfully in college life.

  • Want to Learn Self-Advocacy: If you need support in understanding how to access and utilize college resources, including academic accommodations, our coaches provide guidance on how to effectively advocate for your needs.

  • Feel Anxious About Navigating New Environments: For students concerned about adjusting to a new city or campus, we offer strategies to ease the transition, helping you feel more secure and less overwhelmed.

This program is especially beneficial for those who want a supportive, structured approach to preparing for all aspects of college life. Whether you are neurotypical or have learning differences, our comprehensive training will equip you with the skills necessary to navigate the exciting challenges and opportunities that college will bring.

Why Choose Our Virtual College Readiness Program?

Empowering Your Educational Journey:

  • Flexible Learning: Engage in a virtual setting that fits your schedule and needs.
  • Interactive and Supportive: Small group settings ensure personalized attention and support.
  • Diverse Skill Development: From academic skills to personal well-being, cover all bases necessary for college success.

Ready to Empower Your Transition to College?

Don’t let apprehension about college hold you back. Join our Virtual College Readiness Program and start your journey equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed. Register now and take the first step towards a successful and rewarding college experience.

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