Summer in the City

Empower Your Journey This Summer in NYC

Discover our unique two-week program designed to boost essential life and social skills in one of the world's most vibrant cities.

What is 'Summer in the City'?

New Frontiers’ Summer in the City offers a dynamic two-week experience designed for young adults aged 15-25, including those with learning differences. Set in the energetic urban setting of New York City, the program focuses on enhancing practical skills crucial for independent living and social interaction through a series of cultural activities and real-world navigation challenges.

Foundations and Skills Covered

planning activities together displaying executive functions

Executive Functioning Skills

Active Engagement: Participants actively partake in planning daily activities, which develops time management, problem-solving, and organizational skills.
Goal-Oriented Learning: We encourage participants to set personal goals, supporting the development of strategies to achieve them beyond the program’s duration.

Independent Travel

Independent Travel

City Navigation Mastery: Learn essential skills for mastering public transportation in NYC, including using various payment methods and adjusting to unexpected changes.
Confidence in Independence: Build confidence through practical experiences in urban navigation and travel safety.



Advanced Communication: Develop skills to effectively express needs, negotiate solutions, and access necessary resources within the city.
Real-Life Problem Solving: Apply communication skills in real scenarios, enhancing self-advocacy in daily interactions and emergencies.

life skills and self care

Life Skills and Self-Care

Essential Daily Skills: Gain expertise in stress management, budgeting, meal planning, and personal organization to navigate adult life with ease.
Organizational Mastery: Techniques for efficiently managing personal space and time to balance a busy lifestyle.

Social Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Social Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Enhanced Interaction Skills: Improve both verbal and nonverbal communication skills, essential for thriving in diverse social and professional environments.
Social Dynamics: Learn the art of balancing personal preferences with group needs, essential for enjoyable and successful social interactions.

Program Details

Meeting Times: Daily meetups at major transport hubs in Manhattan between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM (Depending on when your trains/busses get in).

Drop-off: We bring the participants back to their method of transportation between 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM each day.

Session Information:

  • High Schooler Session: June 17th – June 28th
  • Post-Secondary Session: July 22nd – August 2nd
  • Price: $3,750.00

Is 'Summer in the City' Right for You?

Ideal for Young Adults Who Want to:

  • Enhance their independence and self-management skills
  • Navigate and engage effectively within a major urban environment
  • Develop robust social and interpersonal skills
  • Manage responsibilities efficiently

Why Choose Our Program?

Benefits for Participants:

  • Skill Enhancement: Develop comprehensive skills that support both personal and professional goals.
  • Confidence and Independence: Gain the confidence to navigate and succeed in diverse settings.
  • Long-Term Advantages: Skills acquired will serve well beyond the summer, aiding in future endeavors and lifestyle adjustments.

Ready to Transform and Grow This Summer?

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