Academic Coaching

What is Academic coaching?

  • Academic coaching is a personalized approach that supports students in enhancing their academic skills and performance.
  • It involves understanding the unique academic challenges faced by students, developing strategies to overcome these challenges, and learning skills to improve academic performance.
  • The coach provides strategies and techniques to improve these skills, such as time management, study habits, and learning strategies.
  • Academic coaching can be beneficial for students of all ages and academic levels, from elementary school to college and beyond.

What is the difference between Academic Coaching and Tutoring?

  • While both academic coaching and tutoring aim to support students in their academic success, they approach this goal in different ways.
  • Tutoring typically focuses on helping students understand and learn specific academic content, such as math formulas or historical events. Tutors often work with students on a short-term basis to prepare for a test or complete a specific assignment.
  • Academic coaching, on the other hand, focuses on developing broader academic skills and strategies, such as time management, study habits, and learning strategies. Coaches often work with students on a long-term basis to improve their overall academic performance and success.
Academic Coaching

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