Summer In
The City

New Frontiers’ Summer in the City is a program designed to help individuals (ages 15-25) build up the skills to navigate all New York City has to offer, while having a great time! Over the course of two weeks participants attend a variety of cultural activities. While doing so, they also work on social, life, and executive function skills. Each day has a focused lesson that support the development of the various skills shared below. We meet at the major transport hubs in Manhattan to begin each day, and drop off participants at the end of the day.


Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills are a set of processes that manage, control, and regulate one’s other cognitive processes, and include such skills as inhibition, planning, organization, and working memory. These skills are also essential with problem solving. We involve participants in the planning process for each cultural activity. This involves time management, planning, foreseeing potential problems, and more. Our goal is to arm participants with the executive function skills necessary for them to make their own plans after the program is over.

Independent Travel

Traveling through New York City taps into executive functioning skills. Navigating the subway system can be tough for anyone! Some examples of skills include: learning how to pay (metrocards or paying via tap), identifying which subways to take, adapting to delays or cancellations, and time management and planning.


Self-Advocacy is the ability to represent oneself, one's views, and interests. Participants develop their ability to seek out appropriate supports and resources while in the city. We work on appropriate communication skills to help us solve problems.

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Life Skills and Self-Care

Navigating each day provides opportunities work on a variety of life skills. We work on stress management (navigating the city can be stressful!), budgeting, planning meals, organization of your belongings, and more.

Social Communication

Social communication is a set of verbal and nonverbal skills that one utilizes in order to navigate relationships in work, life, and academia. Social communication skills are integral in getting involved in all settings. Participants learn how to be active listeners, stay on track in conversations, ask questions comfortably in social settings, know when to change the conversation path, know how to decline and initiate social invitations, and discuss their concerns with peers.

Interpersonal Skills

Navigating social relationships in the group help participants develop their interpersonal skills. Being social isn't always about what you want to do, but what you and your friends want to do together. This requires some negotiation and compromise. Participants will work on developing these skills to get the most out of social outings!


We meet at the major transport hubs between 9:00am and 10:00am (depending on train times), and drop off participants between 2:30pm and 3:30pm.

Session # Dates Price
Session 1: July 22nd - August 2nd $3750.00