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Independent Living Program

The mission of the New Frontiers’ Independent Living Program is to build a network of supports for individuals establishing themselves as independent adults. Utilizing a personalized approach, New Frontiers will help individuals identify and meet their personal goals in the areas of independent living, finding and sustaining employment, and developing a meaningful and relevant social community. We create groups of four to six individuals to work on the skills necessary to be successful independent adults. This program is inclusive and is customized based on the individuals’ abilities. 


Social Engagement

When living on your own, finding your own "flavor" for being social is essential for your well-being. Through weekly meetings, this program will help individuals identify the what and how of being social. Being social looks different for everyone, but our supports will help tackle the executive functions of making social opportunities into reality.

Independent Living

Learning to live independently covers a broad range of skills and executive functions. In this program, individuals will develop skills to manage their daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities. Other skills addressed may include: budgeting, paying bills, cleaning, meal prep, roommate communication and problem solving, hygeine, and self-care.

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Finding and maintaining employment is a core tenet to living independently. Each week, we will review aspects of career coaching. This will cover the entire process, from identifying potential employers, to maintaining jobs once they have been secured. The level of support will depend on the pod, but topics can range from cover letter and resume building, to navigating workplace communication dynamics.

The New Frontiers Independent Living Program is open to all individuals who have foundational skills to live independently. This program is designed so that individuals can add in additional support where they may need it. This flexibility opens up the program to people of varying ability levels, both neurodiverse and neurotypical.

Weekly Classes

Class Length
Independent Living 1 Hour
Career Development 1 Hour
Social Engagement 1 Hour


The cost comes to $50 per class. People can choose which classes they want to be a part of, but must commit to one month’s worth at a time.  


**This is part of the core program. We also offer add-on services. These can be virtual or in person coaching supports that are tailored to each individual’s needs. We can also provide supports for roommates living in an apartment together.**

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