Corporate Coaching in Denver, CO

Just along the eastern edge of the great Rocky Mountains lies Denver, CO. This capital city boasts a bustling and attractive metropolitan area and its home to industries ranging from energy, bioscience, and aerospace to gastronomy, communications, information technology, and healthcare.

While these industries are exciting and lucrative, they also come with their fair share of challenges for both employees and employers. A lack of team trust, insufficient training, a poor work-life balance, limited options for growth, and high workloads can all cause problems with morale and productivity.

Luckily, New Frontiers provides leadership coaching in Denver to teach businesses of all types, and in all industries, how to foster comfortable, healthy, and productive workplaces. We offer a number of helpful curriculums on both individual and organizational levels, with each specially tailored to meet each business’s complex and multifarious needs and drive employees to do their best, most inspired work each and every day.

Denver-Area Executive Coaching

We employ a team of skilled and thoughtful individuals to lead our workplace and corporate coaching program tailored to help your business optimize employee performance. By focusing on team building, conflict resolution, improving efficiency, setting concrete and achievable goals, and following through on implementation, this executive coaching can bridge gaps in leadership, mitigate or prevent burnout and undue stress, and reduce conflict between employees while increasing their motivation. 

By nurturing time management skills, capacity for multitasking, self-advocacy, and effective communication, we can take your teams from languishing to flourishing in just a few sessions.

Career Coaching for Denver Professionals

Our services can be tailored to all levels, from administrative assistants at the start of their career to to C-suite executives with years of experience.

Strategies for Managers & Team Leads

Workplace management has never been more complicated than it is today, and it requires leaders to be sharp, present, and skillful. We offer leadership coaching in Denver to help managers and team leads improve teamwork, productivity, and project management in the office. Our DiSC® assessments and workshops are designed to quantify and understand the different communication styles natural to each team member by investigating topics like workplace priorities, motivation, and management styles.

With the results of the DiSC assessment in mind, we teach managers to build better interpersonal relationships with direct reports while communicating more effectively. Our team coaching is designed to identify challenges that may be holding back performance and affecting morale and retention so organizations can keep the talent that makes their business possible.

Strategies for Employees

Sometimes a promising employee simply isn’t thriving in the work environment and can benefit from individualized employee development coaching to help get back on track. We offer one-on-one coaching sessions to show employees how to hone soft skills, like proactive engagement, communication, planning, time management, problem-solving, and networking. Although they’re often overlooked in busy workplaces, these skills are crucial to an employee’s success, translating into better work, higher productivity, and greater morale. 

Find out what investing in your team’s experience and performance can do for your business.