Corporate Coaching in Seattle, WA

As the largest city in Washington State, Seattle is home to a diversity of industries, offering many opportunities for eager professionals. Aerospace, life sciences, healthcare, agriculture, and information communication technology are all major areas of industry in the city. Thanks to its coastal location, Seattle also has a thriving maritime sector.

Whatever field your business is in, you want to establish a workplace culture where employee performance is optimized at all levels. New Frontiers in Learning offers professional coaching and development services for individuals and teams to help create functional, cohesive workplaces.

Seattle-Area Executive Coaching

Empowered teams work together better, communicate more effectively, and complete tasks more efficiently. Our workplace and corporate development workshops give leaders the tools they need to enhance emotional intelligence and improve self-management, allowing them to lead their teams to better performance.

Our expert-led workshops cover a range of topics, including:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Professional growth
  • Change management
  • Leadership development

We tackle the core issues faced in modern workplaces, including poor morale, lack of leadership ability, change resistance, stagnant growth, conflict resolution hurdles, and stress and burnout.

Career Coaching for Seattle Professionals

A thriving business depends on individuals being able to work effectively both independently and in collaboration with others. New Frontiers in Learning coaches employees at all levels to achieve maximum potential.

Strategies for Managers & Team Leads

Team coaching helps team members grow into their roles so everyone can work together seamlessly. We start by conducting an assessment to pinpoint team-based issues in the workplace. We use the findings to develop a unique program to tackle the relevant obstacles.

Our coaching helps bridge the gap between managers and teams, and removes collaboration hurdles, addressing common issues like:

  • Failure to meet deadlines
  • Lack of accountability
  • Difficulty with conflict resolution
  • Lack of proactive action
  • Insufficient motivation

One way to approach team coaching is through an initial DiSC® Assessment. This identifies how different people work and communicate, with the aim of improving collaboration. The assessment covers key points like how people prioritize work, what motivates and stresses them, and what strategies they use for managing themselves and others.

Our DiSC® Workshops ultimately aim to make workplace interactions not only easier, but also more enjoyable and effective. Our facilitators provide actionable strategies that can be used to enhance emotional intelligence, finetune management, and improve communication.

Strategies for Employees

New Frontiers doesn’t just work with managers and team leaders. With our employee development coaching, we help individuals in non-leadership roles finetune essential soft skills, such as:

  • Following instructions
  • Fostering positive workplace relationships
  • Improving internal communication
  • Managing time
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Planning and prioritizing tasks
  • Solving problems

Discover why Seattle-area corporate leaders and workers trust us with their professional development.  Let’s set up some time to chat.