Corporate Coaching in Austin, TX

Austin, TX, has become an attractive hub for business. In addition to boasting a growing technology sector, the city is home to a wide range of industries, including advanced manufacturing, automotive, life sciences, semiconductors, and space technology. If you’re an ambitious professional eager to advance your career, odds are Austin has a job for you.

Companies and individuals alike can further benefit from the Lone Star State’s low taxes and business-friendly climate, and the affordable cost of living and doing business. Professional development services can help your business leverage all that Austin has to offer and optimize operations. New Frontiers can help.

Austin-Area Executive Coaching

Every workplace has its challenges. We’re here to help you address these hurdles with workplace and corporate development services. No matter the size of your workplace, any number of these issues is evident among your employees:

  • Low morale
  • Poor motivation
  • Ineffective communication
  • Insufficient leadership ability
  • Conflict resolution issues
  • Resistance to change
  • Stagnant growth

Our training focuses on executive functions, helping individuals and teams with communication, conflict resolution, emotion regulation, multi-tasking, time management, and stress management and burnout prevention.

Whatever hurdles your organization faces, we can adapt our tailored workshops to your needs. Through expert-led sessions, we empower teams and elevate performance.

Career Coaching for Austin Professionals

A healthy workplace culture starts with the people. Our coaches give managers and employees the skills they need to communicate and collaborate effectively and with confidence.

Strategies for Managers & Team Leads

Our Austin-area team coaching services help managers and team leads through targeted coaching. Following a personalized assessment of team-based issues, we develop unique programs designed to help teams:

  • Define shared goals
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Improve accountability
  • Act proactively
  • Implement development plans
  • Bridge gaps between individuals
  • Embody organizational values

A good starting point for improvement is a DiSC® Assessment, which identifies individual styles of workers, so you can more easily facilitate collaboration between them. The assessment covers key points like individual priorities, motivators, stressors, and self-management strategies in the workplace.

Through our DiSC® Workshops, managers and team leaders learn how to build more cohesive teams. Workshops address essential leadership skills, including communication, management, and emotional intelligence.

Strategies for Employees

Our professional development services can also be tailored to the needs of those in non-management/leadership roles. Employee development services help individuals at all levels improve in areas like communication, time management, planning and scheduling, task prioritization, stress management, and conflict resolution.

One-on-one employee development coaching starts with an individual assessment to identify barriers to growth. A development plan is then implemented to tackle problem areas, helping team members expand their responsibilities and grow in their roles.

Discover why Austin-area corporate leaders and workers trust us with their professional development.  Let’s set up some time to chat.