Corporate Coaching in Chicago, IL

Situated in the heart of the Midwest and home to some of the busiest airports and highways in the country, Chicago, IL, has become a hub for businesses in industries ranging from transportation, manufacturing, and logistics to technology, science, and finance. Working in these industries still has its challenges, though.

Long hours, insufficient trust and rapport between employers and workers, a lack of communication, and loss of motivation can all make life harder for everyone in your organization. Luckily, we offer curriculums for organizations and individuals to help Chicago-area businesses foster healthy, happy, and functional workplaces where everyone feels empowered to do their best.

Chicago-Area Executive Coaching

Our corporate coaching program is run by a team of skilled and thoughtful individuals whose goal is to guide businesses through the process of optimizing employee performance. This program focuses on team building, conflict resolution, improving efficiency, setting concrete and achievable goals, and following through with effective implementation. If your organization struggles with employees who lack motivation, an inefficient or ineffective leadership strategy, or frequent conflict between employees, this program is the right choice.

By developing and bolstering a team’s time management skills and abilities to multitask, advocate for oneself in the workplace, and communicate effectively, we seek to make your teams more confident and successful than ever. We also provide executive coaching to ensure your organization’s leaders have the skills needed to implement learnings and guide employees.

Career Coaching for Chicago Professionals

Our services can be tailored to all levels, from administrative assistants at the start of their career to to C-suite executives with years of experience.

Strategies for Managers & Team Leads

Managing a modern-day workplace is a difficult task that demands skill and precision. When managers and team leads are at a loss for how to improve teamwork, productivity, and project management in the office, we recommend a team coaching approach, starting with a DiSC® assessment workshop. These workshops are designed to quantify and understand the different communication styles represented by all the members of a team. They cover important topics like workplace priorities, motivations, and management styles. 

We use the results of the assessment to help managers build better relationships with their teams and communicate more effectively. When the team understands itself better, workplace interactions become more enjoyable and more productive.

Strategies for Employees

We also offer individualized employee development coaching to help promising employees who need a little extra push to unlock their full potential. These one-on-one coaching sessions help employees hone crucial—but often overlooked—soft skills to translate them into quantifiable deliverables in the workplace.

Skills like planning, time management, communication, and being proactive may come more naturally to some employees than to others, but practice and guidance goes a long way in making individuals more effective in these areas.

After improving these soft skills, employees are more likely to turn in higher quality work, remain with their roles for longer, feel confident and even ambitious, and take on more challenging work while remaining independent and accountable. 

Discover why Chicago-area corporate leaders and workers trust us with their professional development.  Let’s set up some time to chat.