Workplace Coaching in Boston, MA

The Boston, MA, area is home to a wide range of businesses, from media and tech to finance and health sciences. The one thing these industries all have in common? The need for a healthy, functional workplace. If you’re seeking workplace coaching in or around the Boston, MA area, you’re in the right place. 

At New Frontiers Executive Function Coaching, we’re committed to helping our clients reach their goals through a collaborative, creative, and flexible coaching model. Whether you’re an executive looking for office-wide solutions or a manager looking for ways to boost team and individual performance, there’s a program designed for your needs.

Boston-Area Executive Coaching

Our industry-leading corporate development services are designed to address common workplace challenges, such as:

  • Waning staff motivation
  • Inefficiencies
  • Miscommunication and conflict
  • Unclear or outdated vision
  • Underutilized resources

Our workplace and corporate development programs target these challenges, among others, by focusing on organization-level solutions that help employees and leaders manage their time, communicate more effectively, boost motivation, and reduce workplace burnout.

Career Coaching for Boston Professionals

Career coaching is critical to professional development, whether you’re leading a team or looking to get more out of your individual role. We create a custom career coaching plan for each client’s unique needs.

Strategies for Managers & Team Leads

In today’s evolving business environment, managers and team leads face new challenges and require more guidance than ever before. And that’s why our Boston team coaching services are so popular. Our target services are designed to:

  • Assess and design team-specific development programs
  • Enhance team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Foster a shared vision and goal among teams
  • Develop and execute custom plans for team challenges
  • Improve communication between managers and teams
  • Support individual growth within team roles
  • Align teams with organizational culture and values
  • Promote collaboration by eliminating barriers

Wondering what type of service is right for you? That’s where our DiSC Assessment service can help. 

This comprehensive assessment identifies individual work styles and priorities to ensure you’re using time and resources wisely. These insights make it easier to develop strategies for self-management and improved team dynamics. 

Our DiSC Assessment Workshops dig into the skills and areas covered in the assessment so you can focus on the ones that benefit your team the most.

Strategies for Employees

In an ultra-competitive corporate world, employee development coaching has never been more important. Through our employee development coaching services, we help young and established workers alike understand the value of soft skills and their role in facilitating teamwork and deliverables. 

We start by assessing individual issues in the workplace that may be barriers to growth and designing a custom development plan. 

You’ll come away with actionable insights specific to your company’s environment and individual coaching designed to help you succeed.

Discover why Boston-area corporate leaders and workers trust us with their professional development.  Let’s set up some time to chat.