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SE 101:
Intro to Social Engagement

Welcome to SE 101: Intro to Social Engagement! This is a course designed to provide the foundations to engage socially with confidence. This is an introductory course to four areas for successful social engagement: Understanding communication, Conversation Skills, Fostering Relationships, and the Art of Keeping Friends. 

This course is offered virtually in three formats: a 15 week, 8 week, and 5 week options. 


Understanding Communication

Being strategic and purposeful with communication requires a firm understanding of communication itself. In the first part of this course, we will cover the foundations of what different parts of communication are, and how to evaluate our own communication.

Topics covered: verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and evaluating our own communication

Conversation Skills

Using communication skills are directly applied in conversation skills. The second part of the course focuses on breaking down components of conversations, and explicitly working towards strategizing all parts of it!

Topics covered: assessing interest, initiating conversations, maintaining conversations, and ending conversations

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Fostering Relationships

It is often a struggle to evolve relationships from acquaintances to friendships. In the third part of the course the focus shifts towards fostering these relationships to develop into something more meaningful.

Topics covered: types of relationships, finding common connections, meaningful connections, and solidifying bonds.

The Art of Keeping Friends

The class wraps up with a final focus on maintaining friendships. This portion helps direct us from always getting what we want, to understanding the nuances of compromise and social maintenance.

Topics covered: social maintenance, making and canceling plans, compromising, and social advocacy


Fall & Spring Semester

Length of Program: 15 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 2 classes/Week
Class Length: 1 Hour
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous

Winter Session

Length of Program:  5 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 4 classes/Week
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous

Summer Session

Length of Program: 8 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 3 classes/Week
Class Length: 1.25 Hours
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous


$1,800 for the entirety of the class.