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IL 101:
Independent Living

Welcome to IL 101: Independent Living! This is a course designed to provide the foundations to live independently with confidence. This is an introductory course to four areas for successfully living independently: completion of independent living tasks, self care, financial literacy, and emergency preparedness. 

This course is offered virtually in three formats: a 15 week, 8 week, and 5 week options. 


Time Management of Independent Living Tasks

Living independently introduces a whole host of new responsibilities that you may never considered before. The first part of our Independent Living 101 course focuses on knowing what needs to be done and starting to plan out when to do it!

Topics covered: Calendar Use, Routines, Managing Chores and Responsibilities

General Self-Care

Self-care directly impacts our mood and ability to navigate through life. In Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, physiological and safety needs are primary. This section of the course introduces the concepts of sustenance, both physical and mental.

Topics covered: Feeding yourself, physical and mental well being, medical hygeine

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Introduction to Financial Literacy

To live independently is to have your own expenses. Understanding the flow of cash, through both income and expenses, and then tracking all of this is important to learn as you begin living on your own.

Topics covered: Expenses, income, budgeting, credit vs. debit cards

Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies lead to heightened anxiety and call for quick action. If you are not prepared for emergencies, you can act irrationally and actually do more harm than good. This portion of the course introduces emergency preparedness so that you are able to prepare and handle emergencies more readily.

Topics covered: what are emergencies, what to do in an emergency,


Fall & Spring Semester

Length of Program: 15 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 2 classes/Week
Class Length: 1 Hour
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous

Winter Session

Length of Program: 5 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 4 classes/Week
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous

Summer Session

Length of Program: 8 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 3 classes/Week
Class Length: 1.25 Hours
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous


$1,800 for the entirety of the class.