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EF 101:
Executive Function Supplemental Support

Welcome to EF 101: Executive Function Supplemental Supports. This is an ongoing course designed to provide additional supports outside of our other Enrichment Courses. This course is meant as an “add on” to our other offerings, helping individuals follow through with and problem solving the other tasks they have in their life.

This course is offered virtually in four formats: a 15 week, 8 week, 5 week options (corresponding with the other Enrichment Course Offerings), or a customized 1:1 or 2:1 format.


Pre-Executive Skills

Pre-Executive skills assist with setting appropriate goals and the prerequisite skills to successfully pursue them.

These include:

Core Executive Functions

The Core Executive Functions are foundational and impact all the other executive functions. They help assist in goal achievement in the most rudimentary ways.

These include:
Inhibitory Controls
Working Memory
Cognitive Flexibility

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Efficiency-Related Executive Functions

The executive functions related to efficiency help individuals more effectively pursue their goals by setting them up for more success.

These include:
Time Management
Planning & Prioritizing

Action-Related Executive Functions

These executive functions appear when you are actively pursuing goals or getting started on them.

These include:
Task Initiation
Goal-Directed Persistence


Fall & Spring Semester

Length of Program: 15 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 2 classes/Week
Class Length: 1 Hour
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous

Winter Session

Length of Program: 5 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 4 classes/Week
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous

Summer Session

Length of Program: 8 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 3 classes/Week
Class Length: 1.25 Hours
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous


$1,800 for the class options or our standard rates for the customized options.