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CD 101:
Intro to Career Development

Welcome to CD 101: Intro to Career Development! This is a course designed to provide the foundations to finding your career path. This is an introductory course to three areas for successful career development: exploration of the workforce, laying the groundwork for a job search, and the job and career search process.

This course is offered virtually in three formats: a 15 week, 8 week, and 5 week options.


Exploration of the Workforce

Part one of the course focuses on laying the groundwork for understanding what a career path is. In order to achieve goals, you have to know what you are working with, and so this course starts with an overview of exploring the world of careers.

Topics covered: What to look for in a career, Jobs vs Careers, Career goals, Informational Interviews.

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Job and Career Search Process

We wrap the course up with searching for, applying to, and interviewing for jobs. Through explicit instruction, application, and practice, participants will develop the confidence needed to navigate the job hunt independently.

Topics covered: Looking for jobs, Job Applications, Interviewing, and Goal Setting

Laying the Groundwork for Job Search

Part two of this course helps individuals lay the foundations for looking for and applying to jobs. We work on resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn so everyone has the prerequisites for the job search in place!

Topics covered: Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn


Fall & Spring Semester

Length of Program: 15 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 2 classes/Week
Class Length: 1 Hour
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous

Winter Session

Length of Program:  5 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 4 classes/Week
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous

Summer Session

Length of Program: 8 Weeks
Weekly Classes: 3 classes/Week
Class Length: 1.25 Hours
Class Type: Virtual, Synchronous



$1,800 for the entirety of the class.