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get to know us!

Get to know us!


The mission of New Frontiers in Learning is to provide the highest quality education and social support services to young adults who learn differently. Our ongoing personalized programming is designed to meet the needs of students who benefit from individualized supports in the areas of academic learning, executive functioning, and social interaction at the secondary and postsecondary levels.

About us

We are a support program for middle school, high school and college students of all ability levels, including students diagnosed with various learning differences as well as those who may simply benefit from some assistance developing time management, organizational, financial management, or related executive functioning skills.

We provide services in The Tri-State Area, as well as remotely via video conferencing. Our supports allow students to apply for and attend colleges based on their plan of study or personal campus preferences. We work collaboratively with the schools to assist students in learning how to access the supports available on their respective campuses, while providing the supplementary supports students need in order to be successful in high school and college environments.







Our Approach

At New Frontiers in Learning, we strive to provide students with individualized coaching through authentic learning experiences that assist in the mastery of 5 critical skill areas.

It is important for students to have key foundational knowledge and skills to be able to comprehend text, write fluently, and perform basic math functions. Students develop such skills in collaboration with their individual coaches and use the backdrop of their academic responsibilities to develop these skills.

Coaching sessions include:

Executive functioning skills are the set of processes that manage, control, and regulate one’s other cognitive processes, and include such skills as inhibition, planning, organization, and working memory.

Students use their own assignments and responsibilities to build competence for survival in today's world. Executive functioning instruction focuses on skills such as organization, planning, prioritizing, self-monitoring, goal setting, and time management.

Sessions include:

Social communication is a set of verbal and nonverbal skills that one utilizes in order to navigate relationships in work, life, and academia.

Social communication skills are integral in students getting involved on campus, as well as developing relationships with fellow classmates and professors. Students learn how to be active listeners, stay on track in conversations, ask questions comfortably in class, know when to change the conversation path, know how to decline and initiate social invitations, develop interview skills, and discuss their concerns with peers.

Here's how it looks:

Self-advocacy is the ability to represent oneself, one’s views, and interests.

Students develop their ability to seek out appropriate supports and resources on campus when necessary, while receiving advocacy supports from their coaches.

Here’s how it looks:

With coaching supports, students learn how develop various independence skills, such as self-monitoring, initiating tasks, coping with obstacles, etc.

Sessions include learning how to:



Executive Function

Executive Function

Social Communication

Social Communication

Self Advocacy





New Frontiers in Learning offers individualized academic and social coaching and tutoring during the school year, winter and summer sessions for high school and college students. Current high school students, students transitioning from high school to college, and current college students are all encouraged to apply!

Click here to print an overview of all of our services offered.

Click here to review the tuition rates for services.

The New Frontiers Program has been designed to provide individually customized academic and social support services to adolescents and young adults with challenges in academic learning, executive functioning, and social interaction. Services begin in middle school and continue through college and beyond. We offer academic tutoring, executive functioning coaching, guidance during the transition to college, college advisement, internship and career development support, social communication, and campus social engagement. The program is designed to supplement existing school services by addressing the whole young adult through authentic learning experiences. Individual sessions are offered throughout the academic school year.

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Individually scheduled weekly one-on-one coaching sessions are offered to students taking summer and winter session courses. Students meet with their coaches as often as necessary. Coaches provide support for middle school, high school and college level coursework.

Session Dates: Summer and winter session tutoring dates are subject to the institutions’ summer and winter session academic calendars.

Location: Students have the option of meeting with their coach at our main office located at 80 Broad Street in New York City or in our Long Island office located at 142 Mineola Avenue in Roslyn Heights. Coaches can also meet with students in a place more convenient to the student's schedule in the New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and Northern New Jersey areas.

Join us for an exciting winter experience! New York City offers limitless opportunities to build competence in areas such as: Executive Functioning, Social Engagement, and Traveling. Winter in the City focuses on participation in skill-building activities, service learning, and meaningful social and cultural experiences.

Skill Building Activities will revolve around Social Skills, Daily Living Skills, Self-Care, Self-Advocacy, and Service Learning:

Social Skills: Various activities in NYC such as visits to museums, galleries, and other events
Daily Living Skills: Essential daily living skills include time management, scheduling, and follow-through with weekly responsibilities (such as standing appointments, and other personal obligations)
Self-Care: Healthy eating, exercising, stress management & mindfulness
Self-Advocacy: Help-seeking, as well as identifying, understanding, and navigating resources to be independent
Service Learning: Community service provides participants with the opportunity to give back to the community in a meaningful and productive way

These skills are aimed to support individuals in developing and utilizing the executive functioning skills necessary to initiate, plan, and implement social activities. Winter in the City will also integrate the skills necessary to delegate responsibilities, work as a team, and develop and give back to their community.

Session: January 3rd - January 16th Cost:
Program Hours: 10:00am-1:00pm $1500 (by January 1st, 2017)
Location: New York City  

Space is limited! Reserve your spot now!
For more information, contact us at (646)-558-0085 or email us at

The mission of New Frontiers in Learning is to provide the highest quality education and social support services to young adults who learn differently. Our ongoing personalized programming is designed to meet the needs of students who benefit from individualized supports in the areas of academic learning, executive functioning, and social interaction at the secondary and postsecondary levels.

Summer in the City days consist of meaningful social and cultural experiences tied to the development of executive functioning ability for life-long independence. Coaches are available in the mornings and afternoons to meet and bring students to Grand Central and Penn Station.

Click here for Summer 2016 dates.

Mediated Discussion

Students participate in daily check-ins where staff and students are able to connect with and reflect on how they are feeling each day, as well as review the upcoming activities, trips, etc. Students also use this time to participate in ice breaker activities and to share current events, both of which give students the opportunity to practice their interpersonal communication skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Reading and Writing at the College Level

This is a time for students to develop their listening and reading comprehension skills with the goal of being prepared for the demands of college level English, writing, and literature classes. Our students participate in a book club, where they read short stories written by well known, classic authors and new writers fresh on the literary scene. Our book club gives the students an opportunity to dig deeper into literature and develop their higher level text comprehension skills (i.e., story analysis, prediction, author's perspective, imagery, etc.) with a focus on critical and analytical thinking skills.

Using creative writing prompts, students also participate in creative writing activities. Students learn to brainstorm a topic to write about, outline their piece, revise and make final edits, critique a peer's work, and share their own work with a group of peers.

Building Executive Functioning

Executive functioning skills, such as time management, planning, and organization are addressed. Students learn how to use a calendar for a variety of different reasons, such as keeping track of classes, study times, extracurricular activities, etc. Students learn to use both traditional tools, as well as technology to organize their responsibilities and set reminders for important dates, meetings, etc. Students work alongside staff to plan attractions throughout the city, taking into account all important aspects, such as hours of operation, cost, and travel routes.

New York City Navigation and Exploration

Students learn navigation skills by helping to plan routes via subway and walking. Examples of activities include museums, parks and natural landmarks. Past visits have included: The Intrepid, The Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Jewish Heritage, The New York Aquarium, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, 9/11 Memorial, sightseeing cruises, and many more!

New Frontiers in Learning's College Readiness Experience is a summer program for students that are interested in preparing for the rigors of college life. Students will build foundations and develop skills in the areas of academics, executive functioning, self-advocacy, campus/residential life, and independence. Students participate in small group activities and discussions to develop skills through a curriculum that focuses on preparing them for the transition to college and young adult life. Throughout each three week session, students will work on skills specific to being a successful college student.

Click here for Summer 2016 dates.

New Frontiers in Learning's Individualized College Transition Plan is a unique program for students that have been accepted to, and are getting ready to attend, college. Students will work one-on-one with their coach to gain a better understanding of the differences between high school and college, as well as identify the resources available on the campus they will be attending. Students will develop strategies and systems to access resources on their respective campus while focusing on five critical skill areas: Academics, Executive Functioning, Self-Advocacy, Social Engagement, and Residential Life/Independent Living

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New Frontiers in Learning’s skilled career advisors provide career development coaching to individuals who may benefit from assistance with the time management, organizational needs, and initiating and follow through behaviors necessary to find and sustain meaningful employment. Services include:

• Cover letter and resume building and revising
• Interview preparation and follow-up
• Job identification and development
• Job search and retention

Individuals will receive assistance in advocating for accommodations at job sites as appropriate. Career advisors are available to students throughout the year and provide ongoing support as needed to employers, employees, and families.


New Frontiers in Learning's Independent Living Program builds a network of supports for individuals establishing themselves as independent adults. Utilizing a personalized approach, we assist individuals in identifying and meeting their personal goals in the areas of independent living, finding and sustaining employment, and developing a meaningful and relevant social community.

Services offered under the Independent Living Program can include:

1. Independent Living

          • Assistance with roommate matching as applicable to the individual             and includes connecting potential roommate candidates and             facilitating introductory meetings
          • One-hour sessions with coaches are held individually or in             roommate pairs located in the home 1-3 times per week (once a             week can be a remote session)
          • Coaches guide in the establishment of individualized goals focused             around executive functioning and independence
          • Staff available for individuals via phone and email communication
          • Skills worked on:
                   1. Scheduling and follow through of weekly responsibilities and
                       standing appointments
                   2. Making and following through with other appointments (i.e.,                        doctor)
                   3. Budgeting and bill paying
                   4. Cleaning and meal preparation
                   5. Navigating interpersonal/roommate relationships
                   6. Assistance in planning, organizing, and scheduling individual
                      or small group social/recreational activities
                   7. Hygiene and self-care

2. Social Community Supports

          • Social Planning Meetings: Once a week all participants will attend             a 1 to 2-hour planning meeting in order to coordinate the week's             social events
                  • Group focus will be developing and utilizing the executive                     functioning skills necessary to initiate, plan, and implement                     social activities, as well as teamwork, delegation of                     responsibilities, respect for another's home, community                     development, etc.
                  • Example of an activity: Potluck dinner and a movie that is                     budgeted by the individuals and hosted by varying participants                     each week.
          • Social events: Two 3 to 4-hour fun events based on participants'             interests will be planned each week; individuals will participate in a             minimum of one per week.
                 • Skills worked on: Time management, interpersonal skills,                    budgeting, and teamwork.

3. Job Coaching/Management

          • One-hour individual sessions and small group seminars with             coaches held each week
          • Skill development necessary to find and sustain meaningful             employment
          • Liaison between employers and individuals if necessary
          • Skills worked on:
                   1. Cover letter and resume building and revising
                   2. Interview preparation and follow-up for internships and jobs
                   3. Identification of employment and volunteer opportunities
                   4. Job readiness skill development
                   5. Job etiquette and navigating the social piece of working
                   6. Employment transition and retention

Services are offered in the following tiers:

Tier 1: Social Community Supports or Job Coaching/Management only

Tier 2: Independent Living and Social Community Supports or Social Community Supports and Job Coaching/Management

Tier 3: Independent Living, Social Community, and Job Coaching/Management


1. Application: Interested candidates must submit a brief application which includes contact information, educational/employment history, strengths and needs, etc.
a. Enrollment Application
b. Roommate Questionnaire
2. Evaluation: Please submit a copy of the applicant’s most current neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation or IEP.
3. Two Letters of Reference: References can be academic, career-related, and/or personal and should focus on the applicant’s qualities, character, and attributes.
4. In Your Own Words: In 200-250 words, please tell us a little about yourself. This should include your academic and/or career, social, and independent living goals.
5. In-Person Meeting: All applicants attend a “getting to know you” meeting where they have the opportunity to learn more about services provided. There is a $250 non-refundable application fee collected at the in-person meeting.

Full Academic & Social Support Services

Full Academic & Social Support Services

Summer/Winter Session

Summer/Winter Session

Winter In The City

Winter In The City

Summer In The City

Summer In The City

College Readiness Experience

College Readiness Experience

College Transition Plan

College Transition Plan

Career Development Services

Career Development Services

Independent Living Program

Independent Living Program

Meet Our Team

The New Frontiers team is committed to providing high quality support services that enable and empower adolescents and young adults to meet the academic and social rigors of school and to prepare them for life-long success. Each member of our team is well versed in working with students with challenges in academic learning, executive functioning, and social interaction at the secondary and postsecondary levels.

Each administrator holds a minimum of a Master’s degree in Special Education, as well as previous experience working with an adolescent and postsecondary population. Our coaches have, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree from a variety of highly accredited universities. The credentials of the New Frontiers staff include several publications, conference speaking engagements and workshops, special education teaching licensure, college teaching, and advanced certificates in autism spectrum disorders.

- Administrative Staff -

- Coaches -



Thank you for your interest in New Frontiers in Learning! The following are required for admission into the program:

1. Application: Interested candidates must submit a brief application which includes contact information, high school/college information, and academic and social interests, strengths, etc.

2. Transcripts: Applicants must submit transcripts from all high school and college institutions attended.

3. Neuropsychological Evaluation: current evaluation (within the past 5 years) needs to be submitted. Results from an adult intelligence scale, such as the WAIS, should be included.

4. In-Person Meeting: All applicants will attend a "getting to know you" meeting where they will have the opportunity to learn more about the services offered.

Enrollment Application

All application materials should be sent to:
Samantha Feinman
New Frontiers in Learning
80 Broad Street, Suite 1702
New York, NY 10004

Please contact Samantha Feinman, Director, at or
(646) 558-0085 with any questions regarding the application process.


Thank you so much for your interest in New Frontiers in Learning! We look forward to answering any and all questions you may have, and learning more about how we can help support you and those close to you. Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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The mission of New Frontiers in Learning is to provide quality education and social support services to young adults who learn differently. Our ongoing personalized programming is designed to meet the needs of students who benefit from individualized supports in the areas of academic learning, executive functioning, and social interaction for high school and college students. Our team is committed to providing individualized support services to enable and empower young adults to meet their academic goals and prepare them for long-term success.

We’re Hiring!

New Frontiers in Learning is currently recruiting part-time coaches for the NYC, Long Island, Westchester, Northern New Jersey and Southern Connecticut regions.

Responsibilities include:

If interested, please send resume to Samantha Feinman at

We'd Love To Hear From You!

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