Gap Year Coaching

Personalize your learning journey and gain critical life and academic skills in a structured yet flexible environment.

What is the New Frontiers Gap Year Program?

Our Gap Year Program is uniquely designed to prepare young adults for all facets of life, whether heading to college or entering the workforce. This program isn’t just a break from traditional academic paths; it’s a constructive period that helps participants build a strong foundation in five critical domains, all tailored to their personal goals and needs.

Personalized Curriculum Development

At the heart of our Gap Year Program is the development of a Personal Curriculum, structured around five key domains:

  • Social Skills: Enhance your understanding of social cues, body language, and interpersonal communication. Learn how to navigate social platforms, from dating to networking.
  • Daily Living: Master essential life skills such as time management, budgeting, and the basics of living independently.
  • Self-Care: Establish routines that promote physical and mental health, including exercise, stress management, and mindful living.
  • Academics: Improve academic skills with a focus on adapting to the rigors of college-level coursework in a supportive environment.
  • Job Readiness: Explore career paths and gain practical tools like resume writing and interview techniques.

Why Choose Our Gap Year Program?

Skill Integration

This program bridges academic and executive functioning skills, emphasizing real-world applications and personal accountability without the stress of traditional academic settings.

College Preparation

Simulate college-level courses to develop a realistic understanding of the demands and pacing of higher education, preparing you for future academic challenges.

Life Readiness

Our holistic approach ensures you are not only academically prepared but also personally developed to face life’s various aspects confidently.

Who Benefits From This Program?

This program is ideal for individuals seeking to take a structured approach to their gap year, focusing on personal growth, skill development, and preparation for the next steps in their educational or career journey. It’s especially beneficial for those looking to enter college or the workforce with a robust set of skills and a clear direction.

Who are the Coaches?

Our team consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in education, psychology, career counseling, and life coaching. They are dedicated to guiding each participant through a personalized development plan that respects their individuality and addresses their unique aspirations.

Get Started on Your Gap Year Journey

Ready to take a meaningful step towards your future? Join our Gap Year Program and start building a foundation for success in every aspect of your life.

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