What is shifting?

Cognitive shifting is a cognitive skill that involves:

  • Shifting Focus: This is the ability to redirect our attention from one task or topic to another. It’s like switching channels on a TV – one moment we’re engrossed in a drama, and the next we’re learning from a documentary.
  • Adjusting Perspectives: Cognitive shifting also involves the ability to alter our viewpoint or our approach to a problem. If one way of thinking isn’t leading to a solution, cognitive shifting allows us to adopt a different perspective or strategy.
  • Modifying Actions: This aspect of cognitive shifting involves altering our actions or behaviors in response to changing circumstances. If our current approach isn’t working, or if the situation demands a different response, cognitive shifting allows us to adjust our actions accordingly.

How does shifting help with achieving goals?

Cognitive shifting plays a crucial role in achieving goals for several reasons:

  • Adapting to Change: Goals often require us to adapt to new situations or changes in our environment. Cognitive shifting allows us to adjust our focus, thinking, and actions to effectively respond to these changes.
  • Problem-Solving: Achieving goals often involves overcoming obstacles or solving problems. Cognitive shifting enables us to change our perspective or approach, which can help us find new solutions to challenges.
  • Efficiency: Cognitive shifting allows us to switch our attention between different tasks or aspects of a goal without getting overwhelmed. This can make us more efficient and productive, helping us to reach our goals more quickly.
  • Learning and Growth: Cognitive shifting supports learning and personal growth, which are often necessary for achieving long-term goals. By enabling us to change our thinking and learn from new experiences, cognitive shifting supports continuous improvement.
  • Resilience: Goals aren’t always straightforward, and setbacks are common. Cognitive shifting helps us to adjust our strategies when things don’t go as planned, supporting resilience and persistence towards our goals.

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