Cognitive Modeling

What is Cognitive Modeling?

  • Cognitive modeling is a strategy that involves demonstrating and explaining the mental thoughts and processes that individuals need to engage in order to successfully complete a task or solve a problem.
  • This complements explicit instruction because you are not just teaching concepts and content, but the thought processes that underlie more abstract tasks like problem solving.
  • Cognitive modeling focuses on the what, why, and how of tasks
  • Cognitive modeling is especially useful in teaching executive function skills and strategies
  • General Cognitive Modeling Process:
    • Task Analysis
    • Demonstration
    • Verbalization
    • Guided Practice
    • Gradual Release

How is cognitive modeling related to coaching?

  • Cognitive modeling is a way to help teach how to think
  • In coaching, the goal is to “share the secrets” in how strategies are developed
  • By working through all the thought processes, coaches help individuals learn to think in ways that help them achieve their goals
cognitive modeling

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