Behavior Strategies

What are behavior strategies?

Behavior strategies refer to specific techniques or approaches used to modify or manage an individual’s behavior.

  • These strategies are designed to promote positive behaviors and reduce or eliminate negative or challenging behaviors.
  • They can be implemented in various settings, such as schools, homes, or therapy sessions, to address behavioral issues or improve social skills.
  • Behavior strategies often involve the use of rewards, consequences, or structured routines to encourage desired behaviors and discourage unwanted behaviors.
  • They may also include teaching and reinforcing alternative behaviors or providing support and guidance to individuals in order to help them develop appropriate behaviors.
  • The ultimate goal of behavior strategies is to enhance an individual’s overall functioning and improve their quality of life.

What are some common behavior strategies used in this field?

  • Positive reinforcement: rewarding desired behaviors to increase their occurrence
  • Negative reinforcement: removing or avoiding negative stimuli to increase desired behaviors
  • Punishment: applying negative consequences to decrease undesired behaviors
  • Extinction: ignoring or withholding reinforcement to decrease undesired behaviors
  • Token economy: using tokens or points as rewards that can be exchanged for desired items or privileges
  • Time-out: removing an individual from a reinforcing environment for a brief period as a consequence for undesired behaviors
  • Differential reinforcement: reinforcing alternative or incompatible behaviors while ignoring or providing minimal reinforcement for undesired behaviors
  • Prompting and fading: providing cues or prompts to guide individuals towards desired behaviors and gradually reducing the level of support over time
  • Social stories: using narratives or visual supports to teach appropriate behaviors and social skills
  • Functional behavior assessment: identifying the underlying function or purpose of a behavior to develop effective strategies for behavior change.
strategies for behavior change

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