G.A.P Year

Goals and Progress Year

New Frontiers is offering a gap year program that will be specifically tailored towards the individual’s goals. We work with individuals first on establishing a personal curriculum that will touch on five areas. The implementation of the curriculum helps the student gain valuable structural writing and executive functioning skills through a non-matriculated academic lens. The process bridges academic and executive functioning skills through a single approach and emulates a college level course while showing the need for timeliness and accountability in a less stressful and rigorous environment.

Skill-Building will revolve around 5 domains:

Social Skills

Focusing on social cues, body language, appropriate language, boundaries, dating profiles, and first dates.

Daily Living

Covering essential skills such as; time management, budgeting, scheduling, essentials of living alone, hygiene, laundry, food shopping, eating, cooking, and daily/weekly responsibilities.


Assisting individuals in establishing self-care routines including; exercising, stress management, mindfulness, habits for clean & healthy living.


Working on essential academic skills necessary for college and/or life including; guiding through academic courses (either at a university or online), establishing a pace the student can handle while also challenging the student to meet the rigors of college.

Job Readiness

Support through assessing possible career paths, majors and volunteer opportunities, job searching and support, crafting a marketable resume and cover letter, and interviewing techniques.
All activities are intended to support individuals in developing and utilizing a sophisticated level of executive functioning to increase opportunities and agency in his/her own life.