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New Frontiers’ Career Readiness is a program available  virtually for individuals that are interested in learning how to seek out careers and jobs. Participants engage in small group activities and discussions to develop skills through a curriculum that focuses on preparing them for the career search. Throughout each session, individuals will work on skills specific to identifying and securing a job.


Goal Setting

The job and career search begins with understanding your long term goals. In our first session, we review VISAs (Values, Interests, Skills, and Abilities). We help individuals break down the difference between a career and a job so that everyone understands what we are working towards.

Job Search

Searching for jobs is task that requires a lot of executive functions. We introduce the concept of 'having a process'. By reviewing some best practices, we introduce tools to use in searching for jobs, and for organizing all things related to the job search.

Resume Writing

When developing a resume, there are certain best practices to implement, but a resume is more than just a list of what has been accomplished. We review how to use a resume properly to give you the best leg up in terms of securing a job.

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Interviewing taps into a range of skills. We review the communication skills necessary to be a great interviewer. Understanding the job and yourself are essential for entering interviews with the confidence necessary for success.


How we present ourselves is essential for being career ready. We tackle the concept of professionalism by focusing on understanding all forms of communication. In this workshop, we cover the various forms of communication (verbal, nonverbal, and digital) and how to enhance our communication to be career ready.


Session # Dates
Session 1: June 19th - June 23rd

The sessions are for 2 hours a day, Monday through Friday. The sessions will either be run in the mornings, late afternoon, or early evening, depending on demand. Reach out to inquire and learn more!


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