Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD) Coaching

Adapting Solutions to Your Unique Challenges

New Frontiers’ Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD) coaching is responsive to the needs of our clients. Our supports are dynamic and change as needs evolve. We apply authentic learning experiences to assist in the generalization of new skills to one’s everyday life.

Individuals diagnosed with NVLD may struggle with executive functioning skills that manifest in different ways. Individuals may find it difficult to problem solve, organize and prioritize responsibilities, initiate tasks, focus, maintain stamina to complete responsibilities, regulate their emotions, and use their working memory. 

How does NVLD impact executive functions?

NVLD significantly impacts an individual’s executive functions. People diagnosed with NVLD also learn differently than their peers. While others may master executive function strategies on their own, many people with NVLD need additional support in finding strategies that work for them. 

Executive Functions Impacted by NVLD: 

How is coaching tailored to NVLD?

We start by identifying the goals of the client, and the hurdles they are facing

  1. Consultation Process: We have a consultation where we help identify individual goals and challenges. During this consult, our team helps you identify which executive functions are impacting your ability to succeed.
  2. Coach Matching: We match you with a coach based on the coaching plan. This matching takes into account factors like: who you will work best with, who has the best experience to support you, and who will be able to meet all your other needs and wants. 
  3. Real World Applications: Our supports are adapted to your current responsibilities. Since your responsibilities change, we assist in prioritizing what is most important to be working on at each coaching session.
  4. Accountability and Maintenance: While we respond to your changing needs, we also assist in keeping you on task: not giving up on goals just because they are too hard. 
  5. Personally Designed Coaching Sechedules: New Frontiers offers individualized coaching schedules. We run sessions in 15 minute intervals, meaning you can have three 15-minute sessions, or one 30-minute and one 15-minute spread throughout a week. We also provide texting check ins depending on the individual needs. Each individual’s schedule is unique and adapts to the individual’s needs. 
  6. Our RASP and RISE models focus on individual challenges to promote growth
  7. Use of Explicit Instruction and Cognitive Modeling to assist in the growth and development of skills and strategies that work for you

Who are the coaches?

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