Middle and High School Academic Coaching

Developing Strategies and Habits for Success

From setting goals, to sticking with them, we’re here to help you every step of the way

What is Academic Coaching?

  • A service designed to help clients with goal-setting, time management, study skills, and more. We help clients create the change that they want, or need, in their academic lives so that their academic outcomes reflect their potential.
  • Clients work with coaches to develop personalized strategies best suited to achieve their individual goals and address their individual challenges.
  • Skills like planning, prioritizing, scheduling, task initiation, sustaining focus, personal management, and balancing daily responsibilities with long term goals are developed during private 1-on-1 sessions

Is coaching right for me?

If you ever find yourself struggling with:

  • Focusing on tasks
  • Meeting important deadlines
  • Knowing what is going on in and outside of the classroom
  • Studying for tests
  • Understanding content and curriculum
  • Completing assignments
  • Managing your time and responsibilities
  • Productivity
  • Accessing school resources like extra help
  • Balancing your academic and social life
  • Knowing what homework you have to do, or how to do it
  • Organization
  • Setting goals and following through
  • Developing your own independence

…Then our coaching services may be for you

Benefits include:

  • Improved time management skills
  • The ability to start (and complete!) tasks in a reasonable timeframe
  • Development of study skills
  • A tutor who understands your learning style
  • Self-Advocacy and resource utilization
  • Strategies to overcome procrastination
  • Development of self-management skills and strategies
  • Regulating emotions and maintaining a sense of calm during stressful situations
  • A happier, more successful school experience
  • Independence

Who are the coaches?

  • Our coaches are seasoned professionals who bring a wide variety of life experiences to the table. Coaches have unique specialized training, educational backgrounds, and specific skill areas of expertise
  • Clients come to us with very specific needs and goals. We put special care in matching clients with the ideal coach who can meet those specific needs, including content area specialties
  • Coaches are flexible and are happy to work around a student’s busy schedule

Interested in learning more? Let’s set up some time to chat.

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