Our customized Nonverbal Learning Disability programs are responsive to the needs of our students, parents, and professional colleagues. Our supports are dynamic and change as our students’ needs evolve. We apply authentic learning experiences to assist in the generalization of new skills to one’s everyday repertoire.

Nonverbal Learning Disability (NVLD) can affect one’s social interactions, spatial awareness, and/or fine motor and gross motor skills. Struggling to understand visual-based academic concepts (i.e., geography, geometry, etc.) and social cues (i.e., body language, vocal inflections, etc.) can lead to challenges in higher-level learning and overall social interaction. Rather than adopting these skills naturally, individuals diagnosed with NVLD may benefit from explicit 1:1 instruction and coaching to focus and strengthen skills such as abstract thinking, problem solving, and higher order reading comprehension. As opposed to following a set curriculum to teach academic skills and social communication cues, New Frontiers in Learning utilizes a cognitive modeling approach, supporting individuals with NVLD to identify areas of skill deficit unique to their experiences as a learner in order to develop skills and systems to succeed in areas where they are directly struggling.

How it Works

New Frontiers in Learning customizes our programming by assisting individuals to respond to their daily responsibilities and needs with thought out solutions. Individuals and their coaches identify problems and then create solutions together. The coaches help individuals develop, follow through, and assess their strategies for tackling problems. Our coaches are readily available outside of sessions to help individuals with problems as they are occurring.

Students can opt for one-on-one, customized programs, anywhere from 1 to 5 hours per week, or group instruction at a fixed schedule at one of our offices. The students follow a set schedule developed between the student and their coach. Students have the option of utilizing one of our regional offices for their customized program, or they conduct their session remotely from anywhere.

What They Will Learn

As the name suggests, each customized program is unique to the student. New Frontiers in Learning focuses on 5 critical areas in which individuals need to be proficient for success in the real world: foundational academics, executive functioning, social communication, independence, and self-advocacy. After an initial assessment, our coaches will work with the individual on the critical areas that need the most help. New Frontiers assists students in developing skills in all of these areas based on their individual learning profile.

Individuals tend to start with us with a list of problematic areas to focus on. As our relationships develop, our coaches help individuals identify areas that they didn’t know were problematic. We guide individuals through the process of self-reflection, assisting them in developing the necessary skills to react to their environments and develop life-long problem solving skills.