DiSC® Assessment

Developing Greater Understanding of Employee and Team Dynamics

DiSC is an assessment that helps identify individual styles of people which can then be used to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. 

Benefits of a DiSC Assessment

  • Unified understanding of communication approach
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improve teamwork
  • Shifting conflict from a time-waster to a productive game-changer
  • Increase intentionality in sales skills
  • Efficient and effective management
  • Effective training approaches for new team members

What is covered in the assessment?

  • Workplace Priorities
  • Motivators and Stressors
  • Strategies for managing self and approaching others
  • Dynamics between different styles
  • Management styles and strategies
  • Approaches for productive conflict

How does coaching compliment the assessment?

  • Utilizing the assessment to better manage and lead teams
  • Specific uses for sales team dynamics 
  • Understanding communication styles to better collaborate with colleagues

Learn more about DiSC®

We are Certified DiSC Practitioners, but you can learn more about the DiSC Assessment from Wiley themselves. Click here to learn more!

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