Coaching for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Coaches who understand learning differences, communication, and the social landscape

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)  can present deficits in areas such as: Comprehending oral and/or written communication, reasoning skills, problem-solving, organizational tasks, reading social cues, and understanding the perspective of others (theory of mind). Instead of acquiring these skills naturally, individuals diagnosed with ASD can benefit from explicit 1:1 instruction and coaching to focus and strengthen skills such as self-awareness, self-advocacy, organization, help-seeking, self-care, and interpersonal skills. Instead of using a set curriculum to teach these skills, New Frontiers utilizes a cognitive modeling approach, supporting individuals diagnosed with ASDs to identify areas of skill deficit unique to their life experiences as a learner and/or professional. 

Is Coaching for Autism Spectrum Disorders Right for Me?

If you ever find yourself struggling with:

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Benefits of Coaching for Autism Spectrum Disorders include:

We promote positivity and motivation to help individuals reach their full potential. The skills taught in the coaching model reflect a level of mastery that can be generalized across the different aspects of an individual’s life. Our coaching is used to develop a solution-oriented mindset that confronts problems instead of avoiding them. Our biggest goal is to help clients find systems and strategies that not only work for them but also will be used once we are gone. 

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