Archives: SP Testimonials

Megan, Parent

New Frontiers were instrumental in my son attaining a much sought after internship in New York City. I’d highly recommend them.

Chelsea, Parent

My son attends a college which does not have a robust resource department. Consequently, New Frontiers has become essential to my son’s success at college.

Nicholas, College Advisor

New Frontiers is stellar! Programming is innovative; it is didactic as well as experiential and provides a safe environment for students to learn about themselves as well as the world around them.

Carl, Parent

I cannot thank New Frontiers enough for the services that have been provided to our daughter Lauren. They helped her immensely in transitioning from High School to College.

Ilene, Professor

New Frontiers is responsive to the needs of my patients and to follow through quickly on the delivery of services. They understand who their clients are and what is needed to help them.

Robin, Parent

My son has been working with New Frontiers for several years after his doctor recommended it. All I can say is wow! They have helped with his executive functioning and organizational skills.