We help you to develop skills that support self-determination and advocacy through a focus on areas such as organization, planning, prioritizing, self-monitoring, goal setting, time management and more. You and a member of our team create and follow a set class schedule personalized to your needs. Executive functioning skills allow you to achieve the goals you set. Our staff will help you define your goals and implement learned strategies to accomplish them. We hold you accountable to keep you on task and set you up for success.


Block of Hours Per Hour Rate
5-9 $260.00
10 $220.00
20 $210.00
30 $200.00
40 $190.00
50 $180.00

**There is a 3% processing fee for using Credit Cards**

**Sessions can be broken down into 15 minute increments, and the rate would be adjusted accordingly based on the block commitment**

**In-home/in-person services are subject to an additional fee of $50 per hour**