Cognitive And Relational Essential Strategies

New Frontiers’ C.A.R.E.S. is a group for adults with ADHD-related challenges. The groups are created to provide a venue for individuals to come together to develop goals and share strategies. A coach will facilitate the group, providing targeted feedback to help individuals build concrete steps to a better tomorrow. 

Sessions will Revolve around four domains

Goal Setting

Developing appropriate goals is the first step to creating change. It isn't as simple as, "I want to accomplish..." but an important skill to develop that helps us break out of the status quo. Setting goals informs our strategies and assists in evaluating their effectiveness.

Strategy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

Strategies are developed to help move us towards our goals. Thinking of what to do, and then actually doing it, are different. Knowing if your strategies are actually working is a different skill as well. Weekly sessions support you in tracking your strategy development, implementation, and evaluation.


Change is hard, and keeping at it can be the most difficult part. Motivating yourself through change can take many shapes and forms. This group will help you identify what motivates you, keeping your eye on the prize, while maintaining resilience through adversity.

Group Support

You are not in this journey alone; knowing that others are facing similar challenges can help. Through conversation, other group members can also be the best source of recommendations, perspectives, and motivation. Our guided conversations will help you learn how to both give and receive support from others.


…and much more!